Mom in the nest, Dad flying inMom flying to the maple treeMom in the nest, Dad flying inA visitor near N2BDad in N1 with a fish, Mom on the Y.  Mom isn't happy that Dad's not sharing!!Mom on the maple with her 'groupies' lolDad hopped up above N1 to eat his fish.Dad above N1 eating a fishMom on the maple treeDad on the Y branch on the other side of the nestMom in N2BDad flying into N2B with grasses.  Mom in the nestMom flying offMom in the maple treeMom hopping onto the skywalkMom flying in, and Dad in the nestMom on the skywalkDad on a branch in a tree near the trail and N2BDad. (look for the PS!  Didn't realize I captured that, lol)Dad