6-23-18 D296-23-18 D296-23-18 D296-23-18  D296-23-18 Bee neighbor ;)6-23-18 the take off6-23-18 Juvie flying6-23-18 Juvie flying6-23-18 a little sibling tussle6-23-18 A little sibling tussle6-23-18 D29 fledged!!6-23-18 I think this was D316-23-18 Flying!6-23-18 I think this is D316-23-18 Mom on the maple6-23-18 Mom being harrassed by a red winged black bird6-23-18 Mom on the maple tree6-23-18 Juvie tightrope walking?? lol6-23-18 D31 on skywalk (lower limb) and I think it was D29 on the cam branch.6-23-18 D29 getting ready to fly to a branch.