Juvenile in the stream near N1 treeJuvenile in the stream near N1 treeJuvenile on the maple treeSunset in DecorahA parent and all three Juvies on Nest 1.  Food frenzy2 Juveniles in the horse pasture.Colonel the horse, watching the two juvenilesThe two Juvies taking flightI believe this is D22 in the horse pastureAll three Juveniles flyingBoth parents and a Juvie in the Maple TreeParent taking off from the maple treeD23 Top, D21 bottomJuvie 'yelling' at a parent, lolD23 coming in for a landingMom doing the Sun PoseJuvenile on top of the barnBeautiful Mom DecorahJuvie in the horse pasture treeAll three juvie soaring.