Robin Brumm | 6-21-17 Decorah Eagles Day Trip
Dad on the skywalkThe upper branches of N2B.  There may be an eagle in there somewhere, lolI think this is D28?D27 under N2B after s/he slipped and fell off the nestThe N2B area.  Can you see D27 on a branch under the nest?D27 on a branch under N2BI think this is D28?N2B tree.  D27 under the nest on a branchD27D27D27 worked his/her way from branch to branch to get to the nestD27Mom on a branch overlooking the cornfieldI think this is D26 or D28The juvies on the nestjuvies on the nestJuvies on the skywalklook at those long wings!Dad brought in a squirreljuvies on the skywalk